It is no trick to live comfortably. The trick is to live in your own way.

Depending on your individual preferences and needs, you can choose a turnkey apartment offer. We offer two solutions: individual, designed for people with their own vision of the design plans, and package, ideal for those who do not have a specific idea for the design of their living space. As a result of the work entrusted to professionals, you will receive the keys to your dream apartment cleaned to the highest expectations.

You have ideas, but you do not know how to turn them into reality?

In the First District we cooperate with excellent architects specializing in projects for both individual and institutional clients.

A list of our partner architects will be announced soon.

You have no idea about the arrangement and would like to take advantage of ready solutions?

Use one of the packages offered by our partners and have time for yourself.

You did not find your dream finish?
Ask about our Individual variant.

How to start? It's easy.

In response, you get:

What's next?

Why is it worth it?

In order to receive a quote or an individual offer, please contact with the Sales Office of the First District Apartments.

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